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  • 降低材料成本
  • 可整合更多的功能
  • 更便於攜帶或運輸
Universal Scientific Industrial

XY Area Reduction

There are four key technologies about how to reduce XY Area.

  • Use small foot print components: such as 01005 passive SMDs, fine pitch WLCSP, QFN IC package and reduce components space. This is "High Density SMT Technology”.
  • Put components on both sides of substrate with special package architectures. This is "Dual Side Molding Technology”.
  • Stack memory chips together on memory controller IC and wire bond together. This is "3D Stack Die Technology”.
  • Bury SMDs or IC chips inside substrate layers can reduce XY Area also. This is "Embedded in Substrate Technology”.

High Density SMT

  • Universal Scientific Industrial

    High Density SMT

Universal Scientific Industrial


Universal Scientific Industrial

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