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  •  10/15/2018

USI has Supported the Caotun Craft Straw Cultural Festival for the 17th Straight Year, Holding the Performance of Ming Hwa Yuan on Oct. 10 where Thousands of Audiences Watch “Cat God”

(2018-10-15) USI TW, a subsidiary of Universal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (SSE: 601231) which is a global giant electronics designer and manufacturer, has sponsored the Ming Hwa Yuan performance of Caotun Craft Straw Cultural Festival for the 17th year. The performance was held on October 10 at Caotun Zhongshan Park in which thousands of citizens gathered to enjoy the show.

Let's visit the market and watch the performance with USI in 2018! It has been 20 years since the Caotun Township Office has founded the Craft Straw Culture Festival and it has been 17 years since USI has sponsored to hold Ming Hwa Yaun performance. Both are in the annual grand event of Caotun and this performance was highly inquired by Ming Hwa Yuan fans. When planning for this year's event, USI especially collaborates with Good York & Friends' Studio and brought Ruru Stroll Market, which started from Zhongxing New Village, to the sidewalk by the entrance of Caotun Zhongshan Park, enabling citizens to visit the market with many delicious gourmets and cultural creative hand crafts in the afternoon with their family and friends before watching the traditional performance of "Cat God" performed by Ming Hwa Yuan.

"Cat God" performed by Ming Hwa Yuan started on 7 PM! Magistrate Lin Ming Chen of Nantou County and Mayor Hong GuoHao of Caotun Township both attended the event. AVP Kevin Lan of USI Wireless and Systematic Solution BU I is a native of Caotun, giving his gratitude speech in Taiwanese. When speaking of the remarks made by Ming Hwa Yuan's number 1 clown actor Chen Sheng in a TV interview saying "Scripts are love letters to actors from the scriptwriter and the stage is where the actors date audiences." It made everybody feel the dedication of Ming Hwa Yuan on each of its play performances from scriptwriting to stage design, prop preparation, rehearsal and actual performance. For 17 years, USI has constantly invited Ming Hwa Yuan to bring about different play performances. In the future, USI will continue to promote art and culture to give feedback to the society. We expect that the local government and citizens can continue to support USI and welcomes more people to join USI and fight hard together!

"Cat God" is the 80th anniversary performance of Ming Hwa Yuan and was performed for the first time outdoors at Nantou. More than 2-hour good performance ended successfully with thousands of audiences astonished by the spectacular plot and amazing stage effects, and the roaring applause! We expect more audiences to watch the performances along with USI next year.

About USI (SSE: 601231)
USI is a leading global D(MS)2 company providing design, miniaturization, material sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and after services of electronic devices/modules for brand owners. USI is a member of ASE Group and has been listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2012. It has many years of experience in the electronics manufacturing services industry and leverages the industry-leading technology of ASE Group, which enables USI to offer customers diversified products in the sectors of wireless communication, computer and storage, consumer, industrial, and automotive electronics worldwide. Through the sales service network in North America, Europe, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, and manufacturing sites in Mainland China, Taiwan and Mexico. USI has about 17,000 people worldwide. For more information, please visit the website www.usish.com.
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