USI Announced May 2011 Revenue (2011/6/10)
USI Announced Apr. 2011 Revenue (2011/5/10)
USI Announced Mar. 2011 Revenue (2011/4/10)
USI Announced Feb. 2011 Revenue (2011/3/10)
USI Announced Dec. 2010 Revenue (2011/1/6)
  • USI(SH) honored "Shanghai IPR Preponderant
    Enterprise" Totally 25 companies were selected the
    2013"Shanghai IPR Preponderant Enterprise",USI was
    selected "Shanghai City Patent Incubating Enterprise"
    and from 2010 to 2011, it was also selected the
    Shanghai Patent Pilot Enterprise. Evaluation items
    for Shanghai IPR Preponderant Enterprise include
    independent trademark registration, patent
    authorization, patent database establishment.

  • USI(SH) participated "The Million Tress Project" to
    fulfill the responsibility of corporate citizenship The
    project has the mission to afforest in Kulunqi Area,
    Tongliao City, and Inner Mongolia without contracting
    spirits of ecological protection and humanitarian
    rescue. In 2013, USI has planted 4,000 trees in desert
    area. The trees can purify 1,000 tons of carbon
    emission and improve the land desertification. Through
    the cooperation with professional organization, USI is
    able to do something for environment.(2013/04/19)

  • USI(SH) Won Dual Titles of 2011 Shanghai Top 20
    USI(SH) named ¡§2012 Top 10 Shanghai IC Packaging
    Sale¡¨ and ¡§2012 Shanghai IC Best Economic
    Performance ¡¨Shanghai IC Industry Association
    selects the enterprises with outstanding performance
    every year and awards the companies in annual
    member meeting. USI was awarded ¡§2012 Top 10
    Shanghai IC Packaging Sale¡¨ and ¡§2012 Shanghai
    IC Best Economic Performance¡¨ (2013/02/28)

  • USI(SZ) awarded "Outstanding Taiwanese Enterprise",
    Guangdong Provincial Association for the Promotion
    of Exchanges Across Taiwan Straits jointly organized
    2013 Guangdong Taiwanese Enterprise Spring party.
    30 outstanding Taiwanese enterprises were
    commended in the party and only 4 Taiwanese
    companies out of more than 4,000 enterprises were
    awarded, USI(SZ) was awarded the "Outstanding
    Taiwan Enterprise".(2013/03/27)